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Ron Farrar Brown’s first feature film, A Perfect Fit (starring Adrian Grenier of HBO’s Entourage) was released domestically by Warner Home Video and is represented internationally by Showcase Entertainment. Ron’s short film, A Bedtime Story, screened at 35 film festivals worldwide, and won eleven awards as a writer/director, including the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle Award. 

He wrote, produced, directed, and edited the feature length documentary Charles Pratt: His Life and Legacy, commissioned by Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. He has created corporate videos for American Express, Merrill Lynch, and, and has directed and/or edited commercials for Sony, and Epic records.


I thought I’d tell you a bit about the inspiration behind Consent.  When I was researching ideas, I stumbled across two separate pieces of information that led me to create the troubled Anderson family in Consent:

Experts say it takes four generations before a family psyche can shake the impact of a suicide.

In a survey, more than 10% of college freshman have admitted engaging in sibling incest.

I knew when I was writing the script that my son, Peter Vack, was perfect for the lead role of Josh.  We talked a lot about the difficulties inherent in a father directing his son in a plot line that involves incest, and came to the conclusion that the experience would be valuable for both of us if we handled it carefully, and with respect for the material, and for each other.

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